Bespoke Cases

Cases2GO the official retail arm of Protechnic Ltd who are world leading bespoke case manufacturers!

Protechnic have been manufacturing specialist cases in the UK for over 30 years and during that time have developed a number of unique products that are ideally suited for the safe protection of equipment in transit. Keith Judson MD takes up the story:

It takes a long time to build a company from a standing start and even longer to establish a reputation for quality and service, but I am proud to say that Protechnic has become one of the industry leaders in bespoke case design and manufacture. Much has changed since the inception of Protechnic some 30 years ago, but we still hold true to our values of continual development and improvement, one of our axioms is that ‘you should not let your last good idea be your last good idea’ and our expert team of engineers are always looking for ways to develop our products, and incorporate the latest materials technology, our design ethos is to make our cases stronger, lighter and more cost effective, always with a keen eye on what the customer needs.

In our quest for excellence we have such pioneering products as the Smart Case, Exo Case, Nio Case, MultiPad. The Exo Case, in particular, is a patented product and is truly ground-breaking in the world of transit cases and enclosures. The Case system is modular and very configurable allowing us to make cases to suit a vast range of applications, our 19” rack frame products are ideal for the safe protection of rack mounted equipment in transit. We take great pride in the quality and service, and accordingly we are ISO 9015 accredited, and we are fully committed to the concepts of continual improvement as enshrined in the latest ISO standard.

We know from experience that a successful company is not just about great products – it is about the ability to connect with and listen to the needs of our customers. Our bespoke design and finish service enables us to fully customise our solutions to match the technical requirements. It is testament to our customer service that we are still supplying some very long-standing customers from the early days of Protechnic.

Together with our bespoke products, we have a vast range of injection moulded, vacuum formed and roto moulded cases that enable us to offer the perfect solution across many industries including, oil and gas, aerospace, MOD, medical, automotive and many more, in fact just about any application that requires the safe transit of equipment. Our capability extends to foam engineering and, we are able to specify and design the case interior to suit the requirement, based on the fragility of the equipment to be housed and the shock/vibration characteristics of the application.

Our product designs are driven by our customers, from a simple transit case to very involved designs for transporting highly valuable and delicate equipment.  We treat every requirement with the same ideology – what would be the best solution for our customer. There are many drivers in a case design, it may be cost, strength, weight, protection, aesthetics, timescale and we operate in a very wide range of industries that bring their own particular demands, but our skilled team of design engineers will establish the essential criteria in sufficient detail to allow our estimators to offer the most competitive solution.

Offering a complete range of bespoke cases protective solutions, custom flight cases and foam engineering solutions. Providing 25 years of industry leading knowledge in protective packaging and product protective design.

manufacturer of bespoke cases by Cases2GO
manufacturer of bespoke cases by Cases2GO

Range of Bespoke Protective Cases


The EXOcase
Combining the convenience of a fabricated protective case with the durability of a moulded transit case, the unique Exo-skeletal design ensures maximum protection of high value instrumentation and sensitive equipment during storage and transportation.

protechnic smart case

The Smart Case
The Smart Case is exclusive to Protechnic. Designed by our in-house flight case product development team, this case offers unparalleled lightness and style, as well as durability. The Smart Case offers greater storage space without the prohibitive weight.

flight cases

Bespoke Flight Cases
Protechnic’s custom flight cases are manufactured using quality durable materials and are among the best in the industry. The exclusive extrusion offers maximum protection and rigidity, while a range of materials offer lightweight and heavy-duty configurations.

skb cases

Plastic Cases
As a premier protective case manufacturer, Protechnic is ideally positioned in the marketplace to commercially and technically represent moulded case companies from around the world.

foam engineering

Foam Engineering
Protechnic have been designing and manufacturing bespoke protective foam inserts since it began manufacturing custom flight cases, which is now over 30 years ago.

bespoke design

Bespoke CAD Design
Our design engineers use the latest Solidedge 3D CAD software to build complex models and assemblies, ready for design and construction to maximise the protection of your flight cases.

For information and pricing regarding our bespoke service call our team today: 01275 811 310